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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Video color problems with AMD Radeon (TM) R5 and R7 M260 in Windows 10

When I play videos with the programs "Films & tv", Power Media Player and Windows Media Player I get grey instead of green and maybe other colors lacking, but for VLC media player I can see the green color. On videos of YouTube and facebook I also see grey instead of green...

I already tried to disable 1 of the 2 drivers (R5 or R7). Then 1 got the green color in all the programs back, but then I didn't have a sleep mode for my notebook anymore and also full brightness which is not changeable, and bad resolution (broaden, ugly big icons & images) after restart. I found out then that I had Code 43 problem with the enabled driver (Windows has stopped the driver, because it has reported problems (code 43). After that, I found out that those 2 drivers are linked.

Who can help me please? I am so frustrated now, because I searched for 5 hours without result, and this problem is actually a couple of months busy, but I had a BIT time yesterday, so I began this endless journey/nightmare... Why does Microsoft doesn't do anything about this...

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