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Journeyman III

Very Poor Information On RX 6000 Series Multi-GPU Support

So I already knew AMD and Nvidia were phasing out SLI and Crossfire, but the way this article reads has convinced me that you don’t need Crossfire to be able to use 2 discrete graphics cards with games or applications.


I currently have 2 6500 xt’s and Radeon adrenaline software. I have added the games for frame pacing in the software. Task manager shows they are linked. But I have yet to find a “supported” game or application that would show that the second card is doing something. 

I only got excited cause the way the article reads made it seem like some new way to use 2 cards easily , the 2 6500 xt’s should be workin pretty good. 

Questions I’d like answered. 
• Do both cards need a Gen 4 PCIE slot?  
• Would task manager/ adrenaline software show usage for both cards when linked? Or just 1?         • How do I use MGPU in supported games?           • Do I need Crossfire software for RX 6000 series cards? 

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Holy jeepers... 
Did you intentionally buy 2x 6500XT for crossfire?
Why? Why would anyone do that?
Even at the times when SLI/CF were prominent it was common sense to get a higher-ranking GPU, and only when a single high-end along the lines of 8800GTX, GTX280, Titan, HD5870, HD7970 weren't enough would one go for MGPU. You just got yourself a heap of trouble for your own hard-earned money, dude.

- Since both cards are only at 4x bandwidth, PCI-E 4.0 would be better to have, but it's not a requirement.
- IDK about task manager, but Afterburner used to show me GPU1 and GPU2 when I used to run 2x Titan SLI.


- It must kick in automatically when the game supports it and it's enabled in driver. E.g. in the Evil Within (screenshot above) MGPU is not supported, so GPU2 stays at 1-4% load.
- I've no idea if there's dedicated CF configuration software. 


Purely for my own enjoyment. I have a 3060 and game on 1080p. It’s just the way I read the article just made it seem super easy for 6000 series cards to link like that. So far I’ve only tried GTA v and MW 2019 and flight sim. And from what I can tell the second card just kinda sits dormant while the first cards at 100%. One thing that kinda throws me for a loop is it shows vram usage and temperature is the same for both cards. 

I’ve got nothing to lose with these cards but the thought of using SAM with both cards with the “easy” support thought DX12 or Vulkan applications would be pretty decent for less than $300 of cards right? 


Even a single RX 6000 series GPU is enough to bring quite a long enjoyment on resolving weird issues...
Now, i imagine the way i'd enjoy all the new modern surprises two RX 6000 on board potentially could have brought...
Also, considering AMD GPU's of this segment now have seriously upgraded PCIe port, it may come very, very entertaining, so one could enjoy it a lot...