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Journeyman III

Very low frequencies in workload on rx 5700 XT

The temperature of 'Hot Spot' sensor limits the performance of the rx 5700 xt? When I make a bechmark, it rises immediately to 110°C and remains at that temperature but the frequencies never rise from 1300-1400mhz, resulting in a very poor performance. The core temperature never exceeds 78°C,

Please appreciate your help.

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Journeyman III

Re: Very low frequencies in workload on rx 5700 XT

I was having problems with the temperature of the junction and towards my frequencies being unstable and what I did was disarming the gpu and checking the heatsink turns out that the heatsink was not totally flat had a few points and not towards it lying well on the gpu then I sanded it a little until it is flat it installs everything again and now the juntion temperatures are lower and the frequencies more stable