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Adept I

Very low FPS in game Dayz Standalone on graphic card 6900xt


I am suffering from very bad performance in the game DayZ SA with my new card 6900xt.

System is:

Asrock x570 board
CPU 5700x AMD
32 GB 3200 Ram
MSI Radeon 6900xt
Win 10 20h2
Driver 21.2.1 latest AMD Driver

My 5700xt before had a better performance in this Game...

Pls fix/improve driver!


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Adept I

if this makes you feel better its not just you ita also me too whos having problems




Please inform them via radeon bug reporting tool


HUGE UPDATE: Even with 20.4.2 drivers i had weird stuttering. But thanks to 20.4.2 at least a have good FPS. I fixed stuttering like this: 1) Set your DayZ launch option in steam: "-malloc=system" without "" Now. Finally. I have tonn of FPS and 0 stuttering and freezes.


Thanks, but for me the launch option "-malloc=system" makes no big difference. In the cities I still have slight stuttering and low fps, no matter which settings I choose ingame. Low settings or high settings, no big difference. Still 40-60 fps in cities.

I daily report using the radoen bug tool.

I tried different driver versions, but no change. Right now I use 21.2.3.

I hope there will be a better performance with the next driver versions.

Maybe I install my old 5700xt for a while, till the driver will be improved.


This is an example for low fps in DayZ with my current setup

Adept I


I made a new and clean win10 version 1909 (build 18363) installation, fresh driver installation (chipset drivers Chipset(v2.11.26.106), GPU driver (21.4.1; standard settings), paused win updates.

For now I have a more stable FPS behaviour. Better than before, but still not sufficient for this beast of GPU... Within cities still some framedrops to 50-60, but less often.

Previous FPS lags and stuttering seems to be due to the newer versions of Windows (20h2,2004, ...) ?!


Please!!! Anyone who observes lags or bad graphics in dayz on AMD graphics cards write a review about it here

dayz developers will pay attention to this and finally fix the game for AMD users - this is the official bug report of the dayz website

P.S. I wrote about this problem in AMD and they answered me
that there are no problems with the drivers - it means that the problem is in the game and all questions are to the dayz developers

Adept I

Solved, since driver ver. 21.11.3! Many thanks to Devs and AMD