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Journeyman III

Vermintide 2 or VGA card issue?


I Bought Vermintide 2 some days ago. While i want to play i have a very bad thing. My Computer randomly stopped and restared when i playing Vermintide 2. I trying to switch all settings, updating drivers, but the problem is always back. I have a SAPPHIRE RADEON RX580 Nitro with the latest drivers (18.3.3). I playing any other AAA category games, everything works fine with maximum settings (DX12). Vermintide 2 is totally unplayable. I don't know and i really want an answer. This problem is a VGA card problem, or specially a Vermintide 2 related issue?

Thank you the answer.

Gabor Petrenyi from Hungary.

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I am playing on a Sapphire pulse RX560 OC 4G no issues on 18.2.1 drivers havnt updated yet as the drivers I am running are the most stable I found to date. Havnt run into issues driver wise playing or crashes. Run at lower settings for a while which I suggest first & bump your setting up as you go. I am running it on a i5 2400 with 8G of ram without any issues lag wise video. Suggestion as been suggested as DX12 of this game is still experimental as I am running DxX11 atm which runs ample & happy. Drop back to DX11 first then go from there & bump up settings as you go its a new game bugs are expected. I play it no issues as I got it for giggles & testing on my card & driver testing AMD wise but just a couple ideas which may help. Any more help yell out as I am on Steam *& do alot of weird power run testing to push my limits of my builds. You have option to run DX11 or DX12 so try DX11 first till Fatshark implement the DX12 drivers properly in the next few months which they have actually stated on release they will be trying to push later in the year. Has been stated on many forums there site & steam. For best experience atm go with DX11 from someone who has been playing it atm.