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Adept I

Vega 8 (Ryzen 5 3500u) lags using Photoshop


I have a brand new Lenovo S145 laptop with this config -

Ryzen 5 3500u w/ Vega 8

8 GB dual-channel DDR4 2666Mhz RAM

512GB m.2 SSD

With this config you would think that running Photoshop CS6 with OpenCL enabled would be great. On the contrary Photoshop lags a lot.

I've tried playing around with the multiple driver sets including the latest.

Selected the 'Balanced' power setting and set the GPU for max performance in the power settings.

Checked online for all sorts of tweaks too.

AMDuprof shows STAPM power limit at 21W. It also shows GPU clocks fluctuating at a mere 17Mhz to 150Mhz during Photoshop usage which is terrible!  Photoshop usage shows a max of 11w at any given time.

So why the heck isn't my GPU clocking higher? Is there anything i can do via software to force higher minimum clocks?

My work rate is suffering because of this. I have a 8-year GTX570M laptop that works much better! Someone please assist.

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Adept I

Anyone?? Have still not found any sane method of boosting gpu clocks on the the Vega 8 and any help would be appreciated...even from AMD mods!

Journeyman III

I have a similar problem. Can you tell me if it was solved?

Nope, no fixed resolution till date, but I have mitigated it by doing the below.

1. Use Ryzen controller to increase minimum GPU clocks and minimum package TDP 

2. RAM usage workaround. Win 10 has horrible RAM management. When my RAM nears 80 to 85% usage the entire system lags. This despite allocating a large swap file on a SSD. The only solution is to restart the system OR put it in sleep mode, then resume after a few seconds. No idea why the latter solution works.

have you solved the issue?