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Journeyman III

Vega 64 HDMI issues with Denon AVR

I have a home theater PC that I recently installed a Vega 64 into. I have a Denon x1500H AVR which was previously connected to a GTX 960 and another way older Nvidia card with no issues. It seems that my PC is not even booting when connected to the AVR (no drive activity light). The only way I can get video at all when connected directly to the AVR is to unplug the HDMI cable, boot the PC, and then reconnect the cable once Windows is loaded. This sort of works, but is not able to do HDR, etc.

Is there anything I could possibly try? I've tried  different inputs on the AVR, different cables, updated everything, and tried a couple different displayport->hdmi adapters (works reasonably well, but still has issues with HDR). I'm going to see about contacting Denon support as well.

After looking around on here, it sounds like AMD cards unfortunately have a lot of problems with AVRs and HDMI sound, so I'm assuming I'm probably out of luck until I can get my hands on a different one. Luckily I can use ARC in the meantime through my TV, but I'd really like to be directly connected to my AVR.


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Journeyman III

Re: Vega 64 HDMI issues with Denon AVR

Response from Denon support:

It sounds like what you're experiencing is what we call an "EDID negotiation issue", which is not caused by the AVR but by the TV's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) not negotiating well with the source when going through an HDMI repeating device, such as our AVR that does HDMI processing. This is a common issue with HDMI negotiation. The best way to test for an EDID problem is to connect the AVR to a different make & model TV if possible. If the issue stops and everything works correctly, this will confirm a likely EDID issue. If the issue persists then it indicates something else is causing the problem.

It can be fixed with either an update to the TVs to adjust the EDID string or an EDID management device like the Atlona ETU Sync or Key Digital HDFIX22 (for example). These devices connect via HDMI between the TV and AVR and their primary function is to capture the TV's EDID to use the same data every time (every 3 seconds) for negotiation consistency.You can also report the issue to the TV manufacturer and see if they will alter the way the EDID is presented to the other devices via a firmware update. Some manufacturers are willing to do this and some are not. As well as connect the source to the TV directly and use ARC/eARC (Audio Return Channel / Enhanced Audio Return Channel) from the TV so that the audio track will feed from the TV back to the AVR via the already connected HDMI cable. This method bypasses the video repeating process so it should provide reliable communication between the devices.