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Vega 56 Visual Artifacts Constantly

I've been having extreme visual tearing and artifacts that stem from either text or 3D models.

Some specific examples to help understand:
In a specific problem to Minecraft, the card makes certain bllocks appear colors that they aren't supposed to and even makes these colors alternate.

In Dota Underlords, exery single 3D models ius stretched and spread accross the screen extremely quickly; this leads to an indescribable mess all over the screen.

All text across the entire computer (everything from file manager, to chrome or even in game text) has a chanbce to either be randomly copied down next to itsself multiple times or turn into a sort of "smear." The attached pic is an example of this. I wish to draw your attention to the white streak that appear often (don't mind the black lines that's not a problem anymore). That's my problem. You can tell it comes form the text because it sometimes is still legible.

NOTE: I very highly doubt it's a driver problem since I've tried every driver from 19.1.1 on. Also, the problem persists even when I flip the second BIOS switch.

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