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Adept II

Vega 56 strange TDP behavior

I am using Vega 56 Sapphire Pulse and I always use undervolted profile since it keeps my GPU cool and silent, I like to keep my GPU below 60c, but what I am trying to say is my UV profile used to draw 160W (1500mhz core with 1020mv and 50% power limit) max when I went from 21.6.2 to 21.7.1 something happened that made my TDP 190w, stock was still 180w though. So I used AMD cleanup utility to delete 21.7.1 and then reinstalled 21.6.2 and everything was back to normal. Even although I still had to change my voltage every time I boot my OS to something else (for example to 1050mv) hit apply and then change it back to 1020mv hit apply for it really to be 1020mv. So my 21.6.2 worked fine for about 2 weeks and now the issue I had with 21.7.1 is happening with this driver too. All of a sudden for no reason I haven't installed anything, so again I used AMD cleanup utility to delete 21.6.2 and update to 21.7.2 and the issue is still here. I used AMD cleanup utility again to delete 21.7.2 and reinstalled 21.6.2 since that helped the last time but this time it didn't. My OC profile which I rarely if use used to draw around 220w, has not changed though, so if I uv my gpu I get around 1440-1450mhz for 180w but If I oc it I get around 1580 for 220w, what has happened why can't I undervolt my gpu anymore?