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Adept I

Vega 56 4k HDR/pixel format options

I recently purchased the LG C9 Oled screen and am attempting to run a 4k desktop etc on it (HDMI out from the Vega 56 directly to the screen). I'm aware that HDMI 2.0 should support 4k @60Hz 8bit Full RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4.

However, when setting the display resolution to 2160p @ 60Hz in Windows 10, the only options for the colour depth (pixel format) that appear in the Adrenalin drivers is YCbCr 4:2:0. In order to get the full 4:4:4 out, I have to drop the refresh rate to 30Hz or lower, (at which point Adrenalin then gives me full options for Full RGB/YCbCR 4:4:4 formats) 30Hz is not suitable for use though.

Is this inability to get those other options to show up in Adrenalin for 4k @60HZ a driver issue or something else ? If so is there a custom workaround to obtain them ?

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Similar issue and very similar TV: LG SM9800/SM9500. 

Did you ever get this resolved?

Adept I

Tengo una hisense 4K 60hz.  Igual  pero es más debido a Windows 10. Ya que lo configura para poder usar Hdr 10.

Prueba un juego con Hdr. El battelfield ejemplo.  Y podrás poner 4K 60hz. Y Hdr en el juego. El Hdr se activa dentro del juego. No en panel de Windows. Siento mi inglés. 

I have a hisense 4K 60hz. The same but it is more due to Windows 10. Since it is configured to use Hdr 10.

Try a game with Hdr. The battelfield example. And you can put 4K 60hz. And Hdr in the game. The Hdr is activated within the game. Not in Windows panel. I feel my English.15805103826011217804575.jpg1580510473709588306373.jpg15805105391701008001570.jpg


Investigando un poco. En la hisense en el apartado Hdmi. Activo Hdmi mejorado y ya puedo seleccionar 4.4.4 y 4.2.2 y 4.2.0


Investigating a little. In the Hisense in the Hdmi section. Active Hdmi improved and I can now select 4.4.4 and 4.2.2 and 4.2.0



I had this issue with mine, it turned out to be my displayport to HDMI adapter causing it on my RX 5700, however this did not happen on my RX580.

Few things to check:

- You can only do 2160p @60hz in 8bit

- Are you connected direct to the HDMI port and not using a displayport adapter

- do you have full bandwidth HDMI cables in all of your chain

- do you have deep colour turned on for the HDMI port in the TV you are using.


By 2160p I assume you mean 4k. Yes I can do 4K@60 8-bit RGB 4:4:4.

Connected directly via HDMI

Cable is rated for 18Gbps

Deep Color is enabled.