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Journeyman III

Variable graphic bugs rx5700

I have been experiencing a few different graphical bugs across different games. (madden 19, ancestors, runescape, gloria victis) The first is character models blinking in and out as seen here (Imgur ), the other is polygons stretching across the screen as seen here (Imgur ), lastly there is visible horizontal tearing at times on web browsers. I have tried Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Cpu ryzen 3600x

Mobo: MSI b450-a Pro Max

Gpu: rx 5700xt

PSU: evga 850w

Ram: Oyo ddr4 3600 mhz 2x8Gb

I also have 1 SSD and 1 HDD but the location of the program is a non factor for the bugs.

Running windows 10 (18363.815) installed on SSD

I have tried:

Updating drivers (gpu, chipset, bios)

Moving programs from one drive to the other

Removing the ram sticks individually along with running windows memory diagnostic

Underclocking the GPU, overclocking the gpu, overclocking the Vram

Switching displays

Overclocking the CPU, underclocking the CPU

Clean reinstall of windows

Stress test with kombuster

stress test with prime 95

Nothing has had any effect on the errors or revealed any faults. There are no system stability issues, no random crashes, none of the programs themselves crash; however, the one thing I've been able to do to stop the glitches is put the CPU under a load. At 100% CPU utilization the issues stop.