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Using two monitors when playing full-screen game?

Running some games in fullscreen on one monitor with FreeSync and using another causing GPU-driver crash

I use two monitors, one 4K 10 bpc and one 144Hz FreeSync 8 bpc, both connected via DP 1.2 cables.

In quite a lot of games this seem to cause issues with stability. Not all mind you and some show no problems at all while others more or less instantly crash (or soon after launching and running a full-screen Vul/DX12 game).

The crash seem to be the driver because after a while I get my screens back (from going black) and usually while keeping the sound going in the background, not without causing the game to crash though.

This is even true sometimes for some programs (like Adobe CC applications) while using both monitors and I haven't been able to come close to figuring out what might cause it.

I will supply additional info if needed but I'm hoping my initial responds from the community might give me a lead right away.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the monitors are vastly different and run at different Hz, like mentioned above.


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