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Journeyman III

Unusual jagged lines in vertical slices

When viewing any static image on my display I see strange jagged lines. The lines are most clear on a curve or angled edge in the image. I've included a couple pictures to show what I am seeing. One is a portion of a normal picture that I would display on the screen, the other is just a set of black lines at about a 45 degree angle with a solid background. The second at least should make it clear what I'm talking referring to.

It almost seems like there are invisible vertical dividers or lines at even increments that cause the image to jerk upward (or downward) as a line in the image passes through the invisible vertical divider-line.

I've installed the latest AMD drivers (v20.4.2) for the AMD R7 240 card and maxed out Anti-Aliasing and a few other options in the hope that it would help. Any advice on how to resolve this would be most appreciated.

I'm using a 4k TCL 55" TV as the display. When I play anything else on the TV I don't see any of these artifacts, it's only when using the TV for a computer monitor that I see this effect, so I'm convinced the card is causing it, or something related to the computer, at least.

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Does the Artifacts occur while booting up also?

Download OCCT and run both the GPU and PSU Stress test and see if those artifacts occurs.

Furmark Fuzzy Donut would be better to test for Artifacts on a GPU that may be going bad.

Artifacts normally occurs when:

1- Overheating


3-Defective GPU

4-GPU Driver

5- Possibly defective monitor cable or Monitor


Ran Fuzzy Donut. I'm pretty sure I can see the same artifacts in the test image. This card was never intended for high-intensity 3D rendering, though, so burn in tests are a moot point.

Ran OCCT test for 5 min. No errors detected.

Since the card is still fairly new, I would be surprised if there were any faults in it at this time.

I have no reason to overclock this card since I only use it to display 2D still images. The TV it's displaying images on is a dynamic photo frame, basically.

I swapped out the cable with a brand new cable. No change. Same effect.

The circular Dell logo splash screen on boot up does not have any artifacting, which only means that the ultra-basic BIOS video drivers are not having the same issue. I can see the artifacting appear as soon as Windows launches.

Is there anything anyone can tell me regarding the very specific type of artifacting that I am seeing? It's a very well defined pattern, so I have to think it's something that has happened to other people somewhere. If you're not sure what I mean, check out the Lines Sample image in the original post. It seems as if there are a series of invisible vertical lines cutting through the image and off-setting the image by a pixel up or down on each side of the invisible line. Each invisible vertical line appears to be spaced regularly across the image about every 20-50 pixels.