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Journeyman III

Unstable Gpu Usage in Games

Hi guys, I have a problem with my gpu. My gpu is unstable usage on Battlefield 1, Red Orchestra 2 and Rising storm 2 and another games but not on Rainbow Six Siege. When my gpu is unstable then ı take fps drops.  I waiting help.

My system:

- Asus DUAL RX460 2gb 128 bit (+12 power limit and latest crimson software)

- AMD FX 8300 non oc 3.6GHz

- Akasa Nero 3 cpu cooler

- Asus m5a78l-m lx3 mobo with latest bios update 1401

- 4x2gb Kingston Savage 1600 mhz ddr3 ram

- 500w High Power 80+ power supply

- Windows 7 sp1 ultimate 64 bit with latest update (ı know windows 7 is old but my pc is give very bad performance on windows 10 )

- Philips 243V5LHAB/00 1920x1080 1ms Led monitor with Hdmi cable

İf my english is bad, sorry for this thing.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Unstable Gpu Usage in Games

What image quality settings are you using? 2GB is not a lot of memory for 1080P.


Re: Unstable Gpu Usage in Games

i can tell you battlefield 1  is a cpu intensive game engine rather than gpu. people run intel i7 6700 @ 93-100% usage pegged on that but only 35-60% Gpu usage. bf1 is just ruff and with a 3.6 single thread per core like i ran 8350 it was hard to play. you can try to turn rendering down in bf1 to 80% to help.! ryzen runs way lower than intel on bf1 around 35% cpu.

red orchestra and the rest use alot resources and with a low cpu clock its really killin it here.

win 7 will run better in games thats just a very well known fact. but these games are patching all the time and moving into future. basically if you have no money you need to over clock that cpu to top. and gpu . if you dont try that you need to upgrade or run low settings. only other alternative is to change the game engines or steam to run in dx10 instead of dx11 that will get you about 8-10 fps boost.

remember even tho you have two - 2gb cards its still only runs through the 1 as 2gb bandwidth but renders at 4gb. which will bottleneck that cpu anyway.

also using bf1 as an example it will use 8gb ram just by itself.  im thinking an upgrade may be needed..  if you need to put a bandaid on the problem, overclock cpu, get 8gb more ram and a better Gpu but by that time you may aswell go ryzen and build a new pc.