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Unable to stream Warzone anymore - AMD software crashes

I have made a post about this issue early december. That is when the crashing started. I've tried everything from clean installs, tweaking settings etcetera. I posted the error log I get from Warzone below. In the AMD software I get the message:
Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure

My setup:
-32gb cl16 3600mhz Ram
-Corsair RMX 850W PSU,
-MSI x570 MAG TOMAHAWK (wifi) Motherboard

Temps are normal (around 62 degrees, both CPU and GPU), GPU Usage is normal. 

The crashdump i found says:

Video Memory Info:
Budget: 9341 MB
Budget (unscaled): 15569 MB
Used: 11648 MB
Used (High watermark): 11934 MB
Available: 0 MB
Deficit: 2306 MB
System Video Memory Info:
Budget: 15578 MB
Budget (unscaled): 15578 MB
Used: 1113 MB
Used (High watermark): 1113 MB
Available: 14464 MB
Deficit: 0 MB
--- Begin Breadcrumbs Report ---
CommandQueue [Address]: last known fence value
CommandList [Address]: execution fence value
[status]: description

Possible status are:
\ : fence information shows the command has finished execution
: fence information shows the command is not yet being processed
<!>: command is still executing
>>: command finished execution
+ : marker was seen by the GPU
- : marker does not carry GPU information
? : status is unknown
Command Queue [000001a98655ef40]: last known fence 621750
Command List [000001a98669bb40]: end at fence 621751
[ ? ]: End 0000000000000000
Command Queue [000001a99175ea50]: last known fence 68442
Command Queue [000001a9917c7050]: last known fence 118127
Command Queue [000001a9918434c0]: last known fence 0
--- End Breadcrumbs Report ---
* Task Graph GPU Status:
* Frame Index: 79929
* Permutation: 12
* Frame in progress
* GFX queue:
* 360238c0cf37f2e5_160 (2938) - executing

It looks like Warzone at some point has a deficit of VRAM available.
I have tweaked/changed rendererworkercount and videomemoryscale, but the error stays and is the same. The only difference in the error message is the budget of VRAM. No matter how much "budget" there is, it ALWAYS exceeds it.
VideoMemoryScale = 0.60
RendererWorkerCount = 12

I have had this issue also when only playing Warzone and not streaming, but less regularly. When I turn on the stream, I get crashes every 20-30 minutes, making streaming impossible at this point.

I've waited for 2 months, but posting this here again aswell, since I think it's a combination of Warzone being a broken game, but there might be an issue in the AMD driver. Yes, my driver is up to date. 

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

1 Solution

To summarize:

Apparently (probably) the Ricochet cheat engine does not like higher than stock clock speeds, at least on my AMD graphics card. So I removed my max clock speed and set it to stock. I did change the minimum clock speed, memory timing, power limit and fan curves. Set memory timing to high and I left the memory clock on 2000. 

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