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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Troubles with Radeon RX 560 Series.

Hello I just buy this card and... without driver she works but use it with standart driver... OK, I install driver through AMD Softwaree Adrenalin 2020, and after restaring I was see just black screen "No signal". I use DVI-connector. After that I was searching solution to the problem. And I found what some peoples had the same problem. They wrote what I need using HDMI-connector because after installing the drivers DVI-connector dont working. OK, really it works. But now I find new problem: GPU in games changes from 0 to 100 for 1 second. I see that on FPS Monitor and in Radeon software. And now in Radeon software in "Gaming" menu I see what now my card is meets minimum requirements. Before it was is meets recommended requirements. Why? I try recommended driver and optional but no changes.

And in games I faced to friezes (Im not sure what its right but I hope what u understand me ). In other games: new and old. In GTA V on max low settings (just 1920x1080 but I dont think what it "high setting") and in story mode I have 60 fps but sometimes happens "friezes". And in multiplayer mode I have 60 but if I start mission or drive in high speed - 30-40 fps. I now, processor isnt new, but it similar to recomended. OK, it may be BUT I faced to friezes in GTASmiley FrustratedA. If set frame limit it will be appear less often. But appear. Never overclocking this PC. I dont know, may be I need enable or disable some setting?

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