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Journeyman III

Trouble getting Six monitors on Two FirePro W4100 graphics cards

I'm having a lot of issues trying to get 6 monitors setup on two W4100 cards.  First only three ports work per card.  All ports on the card work but can only get three to register on the first card.  So I have three monitors working on the first card.  The second card goes up to five, but when I try and connect the 6th monitor it shows that it detects it but it is disabled.  Enabling it in screen resolution yields a "Unable to Save Display settings"  I've tried multiple monitors and cables to no avail. 

So the first card will only run three monitors, but has four ports, the second card has four ports but will only three will run at a time.  Second card all four ports do work but only two monitors at a time.

Running Windows 7 64bit with a recent clean install just to see if that did it.  Asus motherboard 8gigs ram.

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