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Journeyman III

TRI-X R9 280X 3G D5 Flicking

I have a question about my graphic card that I've written in the title above. Ever since I did a new windows, whenever I start any kind of the game, my screen starts flicking and completely freezes. And thats even in first 5 minutes (or even less sometimes) of opening a game, more or less in the main menu of it. You are pretty much forced to turn the pc off after that, and it turns on just fine. Tried new drivers alongs side some old ones afterwards, and I got pretty much same result at the end.


GA-970A-DS3P (I believe its rev. 1.0)

AMD FX 8350

HyperX 8GB 1866mhz

TRI-X R9 280X 3G

Raidmax Cobra 600w

Im open to any type of suggestions and any ideas about what can be the cause of screen flicking and freezing. And I would appreciate any type of help since I have very little knowledge about all of this.

Thanks in advance and have a good one.

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