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Journeyman III

Tensor Flow and AMD Radeon GPUS

Hello AMD

I am having my graduation project on Classification Using Deep Neural Networks by Tensor Flow ...

I'd like to ask if AMD Radeon 8730M supports working with tensor flow or even any other AMD GPUs ? ? ? ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Tensor Flow and AMD Radeon GPUS

From my understanding of Tensor Flow it looks like it can push processing to the GPU and uses CUDA for NVIDIA cards. From a cursory look, it seems that OpenCL is not supported directly however some searching reveals:

How can I install and work with Tensor Flow with a machine that does not have an NVIDIA graphics car...


python - Using Keras & Tensorflow with AMD GPU - Stack Overflow

Which are relatively recent. I'm not sure if this is helpful however, given its so niche I imagine a support ticket to AMD may yield faster information than the forum. Anyway, I hope that is helpful, I'm not familiar enough with it myself.

Journeyman III

Re: Tensor Flow and AMD Radeon GPUS

Well ,That's was helpful , i'll try a support ticket as well.

Thanks  ismithers ^_^

Journeyman III

Re: Tensor Flow and AMD Radeon GPUS

flow this link which is Tensorflow port to AMD GPU: GitHub - ROCmSoftwarePlatform/tensorflow: TensorFlow ROCm port

Setup is easy and works great.  The performance is similar to Nvidia 980Ti

My hardware setting:

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 480

CPU: Intel Xeon 2603 v3

MB: supermicro x10srl-f

Journeyman III

Re: Tensor Flow and AMD Radeon GPUS

Can you please send the link to that site again. This link might have got expired

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