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Journeyman III

sudden fps drop in dota 2


i Have a R7 M265 Series graphic card on my lap top

In DOTA 2, if i set the graphic options to maximun quality,i can get about 35 fps, if i lower them a little bit that will go to about 60-70

which is fine, but the problem is in the middle of the game suddenly my fps drops to 15-20, remains at the this amount for about 1-2 min

and then raises again to 60-70, and this happens every 7-8 minuts.

by the way my graphic card driver is update to the latest version.

i wonder what can i do with this problem, is this a problem with DOTA 2 its self or my graphic card?

thank u

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Journeyman III

Re: sudden fps drop in dota 2

Hi! I'm not quite sure what could cause that, but you could run task manager in the background and have a look how your GPU is utilized during gameplay or if maybe something else sometimes bottlenecks the system (maybe a background program that uses too much CPU from time to time?). Also make sure that the GPU isn't overheating and thermal throttling, get some program to monitor temperature. Perhaps that can tell us something.