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Sudden Black Screen + Buzzing Sound (GPU?)

Hello there,

  • Summary of my PC specs are as follows:
  • COMPUTER: Personal desktop homemade,
  • GPU: ASUS STRIX (AMD RADEON) R9 380X - 4G - GAMING [4GB, installed driver 19.9.2],
  • OS: Windows 10 PRO - 64bit,
  • MONITOR: AOC G2460 (connected with DisplayPort cable to tower, for enabling free-sync option),
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 @3Ghz,
  • MoBo: ASRock B250 Pro4,
  • PSU: Thermaltake Smart DPS G 700W,
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • For the last year i am encountering sudden black screens, along with a nasty/weird continuous buzzing sound coming out from the speakers. In very rare cases, i also get only black screens. In the 1st case, everything is freezing, while in the 2nd case pc stays open and if a song playlist is playing during the time, it still keeps on playing. In both cases, i cannot do anything (no response to ctrl-alt-tab), and only solution is to manually shut down the pc. This happens at least 2-3 times/day, usually when i am browsing the internet or watching youtube videos/music or searching through personal files. When i am playing games (dota2), it rarely happens.
  • All drivers are up to date 100%. Temperatures are fine also, as you can see in the attached picture.
  • There are a ton of topics on google talking about this kind of problem with AMD R9 series, but noone has given a definite solution.
  • Approx. 10 days ago i began an RMA procedure through the local support in Greece, and my GPU was eventually sent to Asus Czech Service s.r.o. in Czech Republic. Within 1 week i received my card back, along with a factory report stating that GPU passed successfully all functional tests made by the quality engineer, no problem was found, and no parts were replaced.
  • Since i needed my pc to work during the awaiting period, i installed an old GPU of mine (NVIDIA 8800 GTS, model of 2007). I used it for approx. 8 days and i had zero problems. No more black screen or buzzing sound again.
  • So today on 2nd November 2019, i removed the old card and installed again the ASUS GPU. After 3 hours, while i was listening to music on youtube, again black screen accompanied by the weird sound.
  • This has started to become really frustrating. Factory was very cooperative, but eventually didn't provide a solution, and all relevant internet topics remain open / unresolved.

Can someone help me out ?! I am really frustrated.


I found a video of a guy, showing the problem of his pc. I have exactly the same one. Here it is:

(FIXED)Black screen buzzing sound - YouTube

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how did you manage to fix this issue? i got the same right now with my brand new GPU



i simply changed the GPU to NVIDIA. AMD factory even sent me a new GPU, but same problem again. They NEVER announced that this model is super defective, whereas we spend weeks searching for solutions to this problem. STAY AWAY FROM AMD/ASUS GPU.


That's Weird because i got this issue with my Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+

Do You Think Factory OCed Cards could be the issue?


Raise your power limit slider in Radeon Settings to its maximum, likely +50 but whatever it is just max it. Most the time this will help this issue. It is the driver resetting that causes the screen hang. If that doesn't help then look into your power supply as you may have a power delivery issue. You can test your GPU and PSU with OCCT from OCBASE dot COM


already did that no errors detected. funny thing is under heavy load it works without any issue but under mild / lite load it gives black screen. then crash reboot especially when i run my monitor @144hz & watch youtube / surf the web or play Directx Games 9 in Full screen Mode Or Playing Directx Games 11 @144hz. why do i have this strange feeling that AMD lied when they said that they fixed these issues?


I think Navi has issues that won't be fixed by drivers. Hopefully they get RDNA2 right but that doesn't help gen 1 navi owners. I have heard several users state they did get their board maker to refund their money over continuing issues that can't be fixed by replacement cards. You could pursue that 



what do you think i should do?

does Sapphire give me the right to return such products?

i struggle with my local vendor to return the gpu he is stalling he keeps telling me that he can't return the GPU without permission from the local distributor AKA sapphire's partner.


I can't tell you what to do nor can I tell you any of these companies policies. I like Saphire products. I had to deal with them many years ago for support and to this day are the worst support department I have ever dealt with. 

As they say it never hurts to ask. By all means contact their support department with your issues and or try to get a customer service contact if that does not help you out and voice your thoughts to them.

With your local vendor, people forget that even better business bureau complaints can be made and those usually get some quick attention. I would guess things like this exist in markets outside the USA. 

If you end up stuck you always should vote with your wallet the next time. If you do wish to give the same company another shot then do your homework and watch forums and reviews to get a feel how that new product is doing. This is why early adopting is painful. I also personally will never keep a product that isn't working right now in hopes of a driver someday. If it isn't fixed before the return period ends, it is going back. 



i trusted them when they said that they fixed it and they took off the bug out of known bugs list. also i never needed the ray trace thingy so i didn't want to pay for something i won't use.

besides i had an AMD GPU which is 7000 HD series it used to work really great but now it developed the same symptoms especially after they made this new adrenaline thingy.

it is not my fault IMO.


I had many GCN cards a 7870, 7950,7970, r9 380x, RX580.  I can't run the 2020 driver on any of them. The RX 580 purchase and loading the Wattman drivers was the introduction to the new AMD nightmare on the GPU side. I have never been able to run that card at defaults. Now I can't even load the drivers. I was playing around on a test system with my r9 380x which had a fresh install of Windows but had been running just fine for 2 years with an old driver, not the 2020 drivers. I decided to figure out if I could the 2020 driver. The driver installed the system hung had to force reboot and the card has never worked again since. I can't prove it but I do think something made that card ramp up in heat, and fry right there. They had actually had a similar driver issue like that in late 2018. With many of the r series not loading the drivers then and lots of reports of cards suddenly not working.

Whatever is going on AMD has not done a good job IMHO on the GPU side. I hope that they turn this around with RDNA2. It does nothing to help those who have suffered for 3 years now. 

Journeyman III

Same thing affects with my GPU "GIGABYTE Radeon R9 380 WindForce 2X OC (2GB)"