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Stutters in Rainbow Six Siege

When I play Rainbow Six Siege, and exclusively that game, my game microstutters. A few told me it was bottleneck, which seemed reasonable as I had a Xeon E5630 (4 core, 2.53ghz). Whenever I would stutter I would get a "three pages" icon, and cpu usage was always 100%. I upgraded today to a Xeon X5677 (4 core, 3.46ghz). The pages stopped popping up, and my cpu was running at much lower percentages, but I still get stutters. Not as bad as they used to be though. I tried setting R6's priority on task manager to high, I tried turning down settings, I tried disabling overlays, and tried turning on Vsync, but nothing seemed to work. The only thing I haven't tried yet is completely reinstalling the game, which I will try tonight. I can't accurately say how many stutters I have. Try to imagine an AR33 firing in full auto. I can get through about one mag between stutters... If that helps lmfao


Xeon X5677

8GB ram

Sapphire R9 290

Windows 10 Genuine

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