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Journeyman III

Stutter problems in some games


Motherboard: Msi gaming edge x570 wifi

cpu: Ryzen 7 2700x

gpu: Gigabyte Rx 6800

ram: 16gb G.Skill trident z

power supply: 650 watt Corsair Cx-m series 80 plus bronze 



so when Im brand new to Amd cards for gaming and decided to scoop one up with prices coming back to reality and deciding to try something more powerful then a 1070ti I watched benchmarks and seen the Rx 6800 was a good fit for high 1080p gaming but after trying out some of my favorite titles they either stutter crazy even with the anti lag enabled and disabled and tweaking of tuning I couldn’t have games very playable such as CSGO,Fortnite,destiny 2 and recently siege with those games at high getting stutters in what feels like 20-30 fps and thinking this was a problem with my gpu I tried other games that I would call “demanding” such as Arkham knight and battlefield V on ultra did fairly well with a few stutters but nothing bad and while monitoring my system I found my gpu utilization being at almost 100% for everything and my cpu sitting at most 60% is this a system bottleneck or is this a driver fault? And if it is a driver fault should I wait for a fix hoping it’ll fix them or should I sell my card and purchase a Rtx 3070ti ?

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Adept III

Not enough info to know if it's the GPU - try setting monitor refresh to 60Hz, force on VSYNC, and see if your games still stutter @ 60fps constant.