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Journeyman III

Strange rainbow lense visual "glitch" in 3D games.

Hello. I've built a new PC 8 months ago and since then I've had this strange rainbow lense like glitch in certain 3D games. It's most noticeable in titles like GTA 5 and Skywalker Saga.


GTA 5:
LEGO Skywalker Saga:
(These images are taken from my phone as when uploading the screenshots, the visual glitch seems to be invisible, as seen here:

I did notice something in Skywalker Saga though. Turning Image Sharpening on and off in the in-game game settings seemed to remove most of the visual glitch, but not completely. The game appeared more blurry anyways. This is seen here: The glitch doesn't seem very visible in the second image, but it's still visible in person.

I'm not sure what the issue is. At first I thought maybe it was the monitor or HDMI cable, but I switched to another HDMI cable and there is no difference. Also with enabling/disabling image sharpening in Skywalker Saga seemed like it is more of a GPU problem. I'm not sure whether it's hardware or software.

What do I do? Is anyone aware of this kind of glitch?

Specs: RX 570 8GB Sapphire Nitro+, Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB RAM.

Note: I did not have this issue playing GTA 5 with my old PC that included this exact GPU. This problem becamse present with my new PC, the GPU was the only "old" part.

Thanks in advance!

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