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Journeyman III

Strange fps in games with an rx 6600xt graphics card

Привет! Я собрал компьютер, материнскую плату - gigabyte h 410 mh v3, процессор - intel core i5 10400f, видеокарту ASRock rx 6600 XT challenger, оперативную память BALISTIX с 16 ГБ и частотой 3200. Я тестировал Fortnite через программное обеспечение Radeon, средний fps составляет 82,7, температуры в норме, загрузка процессора почти не поднималась выше 50%, загрузка графического процессора составляла около 60-80, а использование видеопамяти не превышало 3 ГБ. Насколько я знаю, моя система должна давать гораздо более высокие результаты. в чем может быть проблема?

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Re: Strange fps in games with an rx 6600xt graphics card

On epic settings in 1080p should be 90 -120 fps, at 1440p 65-75 fps, well, in 4k 30 fps +-. I repeat, this is epic and the processor is more powerful than yours (Ryzen 7 5800X). In your case, maybe a little less. If you do not limit the video card (do not include vertical synchronization), then it should work at 99% in directx 12, preferably. And one more thing, the built-in indicators in P.O. amd adrenaline, they lie about the load on the video card and show incorrect data, in fact your video card can work at full capacity, but it shows a load of 80 +- % and these readings change quickly, even if you look at one point, and it shouldn't be like that. In msi afterburner, there is a check mark in the settings to enable the universal GPU load monitoring mode, and in this case, msi afterburner will correctly monitor the load of the video card during the game. In your case, look at the frequency and consumption of the video card in watts in amd adrenaline, somewhere around 160 watts is the maximum consumption of the video card at maximum load.