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Adept I

STRANGE Black-screen upon playing high-demanding games or 3D environments! - RX 570 4GB

So, this is a confusing one.

Had this problem since I first connected the GPU, didn't have it beforehand on my iGPU.

Basically, certain games running on high or very high will make the monitor black out for an undeterminate amount of time (30~ to 1 or two minutes), as in, visibly disconnect, and later re-connect for god knows how long before it dc's again. This also happens if I'm running two GPU related tasks in the background with some games, can't run youtube or discord at the same time as Rainbow 6 or that'll happen.

Certain games like Titanfall 2 on high will absolutely just blackout and not reconnect again when running a mission on high past a few seconds, have to reconnect it.

My bootleg solution is to just run everything at medium or medium-low, and while it's doable, I kind of just wasted money on this reasonably competent GPU for not using it and it's a shame, so I was wondering if I could get the cause for this mischief.


I ran FurMark to see exactly what is causing it, it seems that the GPU will run at 100% usage (it almost always seems to top out or peak on almost all games, assuming this is intended) perfectly until it reaches 85-89C, then it will blackout and refuse to turn back on unless I close the intensive task, the PC is running perfectly aside for the screen being disconnected from the display as if the GPU crashed or refused to display. 

I opened the case up, cleaned it, disconnected the GPU and cleaned it, made sure the 6+2 pin was properly inserted, made sure the card was properly inserted, made sure the RAM was properly inserted, all in all, this is very confusing and I'm not sure what to do about this.  < --- DxDiag of my system if needed.


TLDR for it,

  • Rx 570
  • Ryzen 3 2200G
  • 8gb of RAM -A320M VH PRO MSI motherboard
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Adept I

thats weird thing happening to in this case i would try to manually manage the GPU cooling try to setup the ventilation to something about 50 degrees at 70% ventilation and 95% by 61 degrees and try to check the Watt usage you may have some wattman trouble


to fix problems like this you should post your System and driver information and OS.


The DxDiag should have that .. does it not? It's my entire system information and more.

Journeyman III

im having this too even out of games



how many displays are connected and what about AMD freesync or GPU scaling did you try to activate the GPU scaling may your display issue is a CPU trouble and i dont have any information about the system at least so information should help 


I specifically left a link in my post where you can download my computer DxDiag file, it absolutely details every last bit of information that can be presentable to an user about one's specs, really, just click it.