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Journeyman III

Strange Behavior, Hard Freezes, Underpowering RX 6900 XT


I've built my new computer, but I have some issues :


1. Random hard freeze, system is totally frozen, even the time, but I can move my mouse, but nothing else responds.

Radeon Software has already detected an error when the system was freezing, reset WattMan settings, but it happened only once. Otherwise, I have to shutdown using the button. 

Last freeze : last week. 

Each data is sent to AMD using AMD Bug Reporter. 


2. Underpowering GPU : when I'm playing some greedy games like Cyberpunk or benchmarking using 3DMark, the power consumption of my gpu is stuck at 250-255W.  In rage mode : 270W. I can set the power limit, but still under 300W. 

As noticed in the gpu specs, its power consumption should be 300W.

Tested in HWMonitor and AIDA64 Extreme. 

I have this issue since the beginning of January. 

We have 2 cases :

i. not reliable gpu data using HWmonitor neither Aida64 and Radeon Software and the gpu isn't underpowered. 

ii. The gpu is really underpowered and data are reliable. 


3. Radeon Software Fps counter doesn't seem to be reliable, or this issue could be linked to the previous one. Only 75 fps in qhd, ultra (optimized) on cyberpunk, that seems to be low. 95-100 fps using Steam one.


I used to check the event viewer, but no errors about Radeon. Sfc done (a lot). In Event viewer, there a lot of EasyTune Engine, tried to solve by repairing it but nothing better. 

SAM enabled. 

Custom Powering Mode optimized for Gaming (cpu 40%-100%, link state power management disabled, hdd sleep disabled. 

I tried changing everything above in power management (to solve freezes) 


Setup :

Ryzen 5800X + Kraken X63

B550 Aorus Pro (BIOS F13A, latest) 

Ballistix 3600 16 Go 

Radeon RX 6900 XT

PSU : Aorus P750w (Gold)

1 To Aorus SSD NVMe Gen 4

I also use Linkup extension cable. 


I was using a 2060S before the RX 6900 XT (you know... I had to wait for it), drivers have been uninstalled, but I saw some Nvidia stains in the register that I removed. Conflicts are still possible. 


1. Used DDU to remove Nvidia & AMD GPU drivers.

2. After a clean setup... nothing has changed. I also noticed that I lost 15% perf in Cyberpunk after updating Windows from image.

Monitoring data :


1. Radeon Soft



2. Custom monitoring


Taken at the same time, but notice that AIDA has worst sync, especially for Power. Power consumption still capped at 250W. I managed to get 293W overclocking it, slight difference.




I have enough time to try, so don't hesitate if you have some ideas 

You may give me concise ideas, I work in IT. 

Thank you for your help. 

If you need any more info, just ask me, I tried solving these issues since 2 months, so I tried a lot.