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Storing Display Settings? FirePro W600

We are using a FirePro W600 in a Dell tower running Windows 7 to drive a video wall application--all six outputs on the card are driving groups of displays. There have been a couple instances where the facility in which this equipment resides has suffered power outages. Following the outages, we have had issues with all of the displays returning without a couple reboots.

Last week, I was troubleshooting with the client and had them reboot it several times but the issue did not seem to be getting better so we issued a service call but when we arrived the next day and turned the PC on, it came up perfectly fine (all displays at the expected resolution).

Aside from avoiding the power outages, is there anything on the AMD side of things we might be able to do to make sure the display properties come up when the PC is turned on again? Is there a way to store the display configuration or save it as the default?


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