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Journeyman III

sticker with QR code coming off, warranty in danger?

There are two stickers with numbers and QR codes on my GPU (6700 XT, but I doubt it's relevant), one on the side facing the motherboard (which looks like it's about to fall off) and the other one on a small square right next to the PCI-E connector.

Do I have to worry about them coming off in case I have to RMA the GPU in the future or do they not care as long as the serial number on the backplate is still there? Can i just remove them as long as i keep the big one with the S/N and P/N on the backplate? I don't want to lose the warranty because of a sticker coming off



Also, sorry if i posted in the wrong forum, i thought it belongs in graphics because it's about the graphics card

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Adept I

I don't know if it'd make a difference, I doubt it  would.

But if you're worried. Take a photo of the card with the stickers still attached so that you have some sort of proof if you ever need it.