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Adept II

steam vr radeon

Hi Team Red, I finally got my PC up to specs for minimum Steam VR, Ryzen 1700 CPU, 16gb of RAM and just put in a RX480 8 GB graphics card so I should be good to go, I've been playing around with some of the apps that let you use your pc to stream VR to your smartphone like Trinus does but with Steam VR, the only thing is I've yet to get one to work and I keep getting the  "Put on your headset to wake VR" message it's always there and of course putting on the headset doesn't work, i get that message regardless of wether the HMD is plugged in or not.  I just recently bought a VR Tek WVR3 3DOF headset that is supposed to work with Steam VR and there are videos on youtube that show it does work, although one youtuber just told me that "  I switch graphics cards went from a radeon r7 370 with nothing coming from the headset then went to a gtx 760 everything worked fine" He thinks it might be related to the AMD card or drivers I'm more inclined to believe it's a Steam VR issue since it doesn't work with the streaming to my all in one either and that's either connected via USB or WIFI. The HMD works as I can see my desktop but when I start Steam VR, nothing happens I enable direct display mode in developer setting, I can see where it says Reprojection is on and there is some data showing but than it seems to stop, and of course there is the Put on your headset to wake VR, I'm glad I haven't invested in a WMR or Vive at this point probably would be getting the same message with no results, here's what I've tried so far, 1. Upgraded to latest Radeon Adrenaline graphics drivers 19.6.1, reinstalled steam VR,  reinstalled the headset driver  I've got the windows 10 display set to 1 display so far the only time I've seen anything in the Headset is when it was set to extended display and my other monitor was not plugged in, it seems like the headset is only being seen as a monitor and not a VR headset although Steam VR does recognize it. I hope someone can help me figure this out. Thanks for any help. One thing that I should mention I have my monitor connected by the DP Port, Not too many graphics cards have more than 1 HDMI port on them, is that what's required? I tried to find the info but haven't been able to.  Thanks 

Oh well so much for that apparently Radeon ReLive is no compatible with my all in one HMD, in fact it's not compatible with any of my smartphones either. Onto Revive and see what that can do if anything.
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