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Journeyman III

Static when starting computer with 5700 (bios screen)

The video shows the monitor turning on and off and static displayed across the screen; but then when I boot into windows everything is fine.  So it shouldn't be a driver issue.  Sometimes I have to hard restart the computer because it gets 'stuck' in a bios screen (ie goes all black).  Its not totally clear but once I get into windows the picture is perfect.

Im using a p8z68 asus motherboard; worked fine with a gtx 970 for years.  Now here is the thing; I previously tried a asus 5700 strix and it did the same thing; currently using a powercolor red devil.  I had sent the strix back thinking it was a faulty card because the company said so but I have a feeling they didnt test it.  Oh also running a corsair ax850psu

My concern is maybe the card is faulty or my setup somehow doesnt like it.  To be honest I am not sure when I will be upgrading the rest of my system.

Any advice? - I cant seem to figure what may be causing the issue.  And Id really like to use the card but dont want to be stuck with something thats an issue with my system.

If the screen would of stayed static in windows Id think perhaps it was something like the DP cord; but again worked fine with my 970 and working fine right now.  

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