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Journeyman III

Static noises from RX 5500 XT

Hi, I am using a RX 5500 XT in my PC and just recently noticed some kind of static, crackling noise from the GPU. It happens every time something is moved on the screen (dragging windows, scrolling down, moving the mouse etc.) and becomes a regular noise after some time even without doing anything. I googled a bit and found that many people experience the exaxt same issue with their 5700 XT and recent drivers. So I uninstalled my drivers + Radeon software and the noise is completely gone. As soon as I install any driver the sound starts again. 

I don't mind it too much, because it isn't that loud and the PC is working completely fine otherwise but I am concerned that my GPU might be damaged. Or is this just a software issue? Couldn't find any threads that describe this issue in combination with the 5500 XT, just the 5700 XT. 

Thanks for any response! 

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Same here, on Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5500XT. Very annoying when working in quiet room.