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Adept I

[Solved]Vega 64 multimonitor HBM2 frequency edit leads to BSOD


Recently I purchased a Vega 64, everything works fine except one problem.

I got 3 monitors connected to my card:

4K - LG 27UD68 - DP

4K - Philips 276e8vjsb - DP

1080p - LG 22MP55 - HDMI

System setup:

Latest Windows 10 1903 (Also tried 1607&1809, they all have this issue)

MSI Z170A Krait

i7 6700K

If I edit the HBM2 frequency under Wattman, whether it's overclock or underclcok, it will lead to BSOD(Yes, even UC 1Mhz!)

I've done some diagnose and under these 3 situations HBM2 frequency edit works

1. Unplug one of the monitor

2. Reduce one of the 4K monitors' resolution to 1080p

3. Roll back to driver 17.X.X (18.X and 19.X all have this issue)

Also, if I edit the HBM2 freq under one of the 3 situations then undo it back to native triple monitor setup, it won't cause the system BSOD

I believe this is a driver bug, and DDU under safe mode doesn't solve this problem.

If anyone has the same problem, sharing your experience will be appreciated!


======Edit 2019/06/29======

Today I woke up and saw the new Radeon Driver 19.6.3 with following change

-A system hang may occur when performing overclocking or underclocking GPU memory in three display Eyefinity configurations.

So then I proceeded to update and...Voila! Setting memory clock no longer BSOD my system even with all my 3 monitors connected and running at native resolution!

Thank you, AMD!

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Big Boss

Re: Vega 64 multimonitor HBM2 frequency edit leads to BSOD

most use setups with several identical panels, I have seen issues using an old 1080 panel beside 4k ones

i use one 4k panel and the old one sits safe as a backup

I tried dual monitors but I am using a GeForce card at the moment. I have Vegal 11 on my CPU