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Adept I

[SOLVED] RX 570 + Foxconn H61MX = blackscreen / no post beep

Used a gtx 670 before, and it was fine. Uninstalled all Nvidia drivers, plugged in rx 570 (msi armour 8gb oc edition), no post beep, black screen. Plug monitor in integrated graphics connector, went in and enabled safe mode plus disable Intel HD 4000 graphics. Shut down comp. Plug in rx 570. Black screen no post. Set the graphic adapter in bios to PEG. No luck. Reset cmos, by jumper and by battery removal. No luck. If you can help that would be wonderful. 


Yes I remembered to plug in 8 pin power connector. Tried both sets of 8 pin power connector (Psu = corsair cx500). Fan runs on video card, but computer won't detect it plugged in. 


Help? Eternal appreciation. 


Win 10 x64 build 1803


Lastly, if I wipe windows and reinstall a new version, would it help at all? 


Also, according to


My Mobo should have support for this video card... it's bios is revision 4.0


I think my motherboard has the option for UEFI because I can choose "UEFI" as the initial boot device, followed by my SSD as the 2nd. 

EDIT: Solved. Just flash bios to the latest one (I went from a 2012 legacy bios to a 2014 UEFI)

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Journeyman III

foxconnchannel support is dead, is there any sites where I can download this bios