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[Solved] Is there a way to make a graphics card send a DVI signal through the HDMI port?

I'm terrible at explaining things, but I'll give it my best shot.  The Xbox One can send a DVI signal directly from the HDMI out.  I find this useful, because all my monitors look absolutely terrible on the regular HDMI signal at higher resolutions.  Its just a regular HDMI cable.  From the HDMI out on the Xbox to the HDMI in on the monitor.  Set the signal to DVI under the Xbox's display settings, and the monitor picks up its a DVI signal and the display quality is perfect.

I was wondering if there is a way to make a Radeon RX560 do the same thing?

EDIT: I found a setting that has the exact same effect.  The GPU scaling setting gives that same good quality display I was hoping to achieve like when the xbox outputs a DVI signal through HDMI.  I suppose this can be considered solved.

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You should mark it as solved then. There are also HDMI to DVI adaptors that may work for you. Just make sure you get a "Active Adaptor" if you ever try that.