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Journeyman III

Screen flickering

Hello AMD Friends,

I have some serious annoying issues since yesterday with my PC....
I've allready read this R9 390 Multiple Screen Flickering Bug : too hard for you to fix it AMD ? forumpost and saw that OP's issue is practically the same as mine is, only this was 3 years ago...

All the latest drivers are installed and in game I got decent FPS so everything seems to be working as it should be.

To give an idea of my problem i've attached this video: Screen flickering issues - YouTube

Specs and information about my PC and hardware;

3x 27inch 75hz 1080p Freesync monitors

3x DP 1.2 cables (2x2M + 1x1M)

Gigabyte Aorus RX580 8gb (stock speeds)

AMD FX8350 (stock speeds) (with corsair AIO)

Gigabyte 970A mobo

16gb ram (stock speeds)

GPU temps are around 74 degrees on load
CPU temps are around 55 degrees on load

Problem occured when I replaced 1 monitor yesterday morning (all monitors are bought at the sime time - type; Iiyama G2730HSU) due to a dead pixel.
Since yesterday morning this screen flickering occures. It seems only present in loading screens and/or applications but at times also in Google Chrome browser etc.

When I run the actual game it works perfectly fine... I get good FPS 110+ and temps are looking great... but when exciting back to main menu of the game the flickering returns. (also in other games tested, same issue...)

When running 1 single monitor I don't seem to have this issue It's only in triple screen eyefinity mode.
What can this be and what will be a (permanent) fix?! I don't have any clue on what to do or where to start troubleshooting anymore...