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Adept III

screen cutting out at high refresh rates and resolutions

Hi every,

So, I have this RX 580 8GB. New.

Problem is, the screen is cutting to black when I set the display to high refresh rates and resultions (above 1080/60 or so).

I've tried a new power supply, two driver versions, new displayport cables, and completely re-installing windows from scratch.

I just switched from another RX 580 4 gb that died, and never had this problem with my monitor (1440 p 144hz).

Keeping the resolution down to 1080p/60 seems to fix the problem, but obviously isn't a good solution.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I actually did figure out the issue. It comes down to the XFX cards that Best Buy carries being just terrible. I don't know if they're bottom of the barrel binned or what, but each card I tried that blacked out in the 70's of degrees (often low 70's). I found that by underclocking the GPU and increasing fan speeds, I could keep it under 70 and the issues stopped. I returned these cards, as underclocking a card to keep it alive isn't a good solution.

I switched to a Powercolor Red Dragon that I saw on Newegg and the issues are completely gone. It also runs much cooler and is just as quiet.

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