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Journeyman III

Sapphire RX 580 nitro + 8GB shuts down PC while gaming

Hey Guys,

I bought a new RX 580 nitro + 8GB graphics card by sapphire and since then i have problems with my PC shutting down completely whiel gaming and restarting automatically.

I had no problems with the former Graphics card and did not change any other hardware so far.

I already used DDU for clean driver install afterwards and updated my BIOS. While stressing the GPU with aida64 i had no problems, but when playing Battlefiled 1 after some Minutes the pc always shuts down completely??

My Specs:

Windows 10 Pro

Intel Core i7 2600k CPU @ 3.4 GHz

16 GB RAM DDR 3 1333 MHz, Kingston HyperX

ASUS P8H61 EVO Mainboard, BIOS Version 4601


Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250 GB

AMD Sapphire RX 580 nitro + 8GB GDDR5

1 Solution

Sounds like it. You used two different Diagnostic tests from OCCT and FURMARK. Both failed when the load is very heavy. Seems like your PSU can't handle the RX GPU card you installed or the PSU is bad. Take a look at the edited previous Post that I made. I added a Link from Tom's Hardware Forum from a User with basically the same results using OCCT and FURMARK.

This from 2017 from Tom's Hardware Forum with a very similar problem you are having with Games and OCCT: System rebooting issue, trying to diagnose, possibly PSU ? - Components

The reason why you didn't have this problem with your old GPU card is probably because it used a lot less power than the RX thus not taxing your PSU. Your PSU might be a low quality PSU that can't keep up with the power demands of the latest games and RX GPU card.

Since you have the MINIMUM REQUIRED PSU rated for the RX card, I would upgrade it if you can afford it. I would purchase a GOLD or PLATINUM 80+ Rated 800 + Watt PSU.

You have plenty of information for you to make an intelligent decision on what to do. You can always take the computer to a Tech Specialist and have them check the PSU professionally. But it might cost as much a new PSU to find out.

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