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Sapphire R9 280X TRI-X 3GB DDR5 (UEFI) Problem with colors on main screen ( using dual screen setup)

Greetings. Iv recently run into problem with graphic card after starting a game.
Im using R9 280X graphic card, which is supposed to be new one since i had problems with old one having artefacts but being under warranty, so required to get new one instead of fixing the old one. That was cca 2 years ago, everything worked fine since then, except for few things like Steam, origin, starting up over several minutes or even hours, or didnt start at all.
Now, downloaded a new game 2 days ago, after finishing assassins creed : odyssey, everything went fine but after several minutes in that game the screen turned red-grey with red being dominant. To the point, since im using dual screen ( both connected to graphic card) the main screen is always corrupted in its colors ( swapping monitors or disabling one always gives same results, that the main one is corrupted, will post photo from phone cause its not visible on normal screen shot). What iv tried so far is trying different cable connection, took the main monitor to ntb, there it worked fine, removing amd driver and reinstaling new one (removed via DDU software, with their tutorial of safe mode, no internet connection, disabling anti-everything). The thing is both screen works fine until the amd driver is instaled, but, it also works just fine in safe mode. Which is really weird to me, since the pc is basically in factory mode except windows installed and drivers ( tried both manually install them, no automatic detection from AMD and then even with automatic detection, same results.) Once the driver updates the normal mode just looks corrupted and wont work properly. Im not sure if this is hardware problem, which is the reason why im writing here, and wasnt able to find a similar problem to mine ( it doesnt really "flick" as more of the screen being blurry and weird colored.) What i havent tried yet is over/underclocking anything, since im not really skilled in this field and dont want to risk anything. Nothing from PC is under warranty anymore, so cant just bring it to shop and prices here for just looking at pc and saying "meh" is ridiculously high.

PC Setup :
Intel Core i5-4460
MSI B85M-P32 - Intel B85
Sapphire R9 280X TRI-X 3GB GDDR5 (UEFI)
HyperX Fury Blue 8GB DDR3 1600
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium CZ 64bit OEM
Seagate Desktop HDD - 1TB
CoolerMaster Centurion Silencio 352 Matte
Seasonic S12II-520 520W

Screens are AOC and BenQ, not really sure about type, but both are 60hz, 1920x1080.

Here im gonna put photos of the screen ( if i screenshotted it, it would just look normally, already tested by swapping the photo to other screen or phone, so sorry for the quality. The normal ones look blurry, but they are looking HD on the screen, so dont worry about that, its just high quality photo. First 3 are normal, second screen, other 3 are from the main screen.) Screens are from fresh reinstall of system i just did several minutes ago.

The screen looks absolutely worst at text, but again im not capable of trying it in game now, might look ultra bad as well. 
So far what looks like "solution" is not to install amd driver at all, but yet again i dont know why its 1 screen working and second not, when they are both connected to gpu. Didnt change anything from last time pc worked to this day, no hw upg, no sw upg that i know of, only the game but which is working perfectly fine on other PCs, its not some pirated sht. What i should also say is that screens behaves same way both when being put into 2 screen mode ( 1 screen continuing to another one) and when duplicated ( 1 screen looks fine, 2nd is bad, basically took photos of this which are linked). Im really lost now, so i hope i included everything that is required ( GPU doesnt go over 40c, so its not overheating either) and im off to sleep now, will check this thread quite often since im leaving on monday and will be able to work on the pc again in several weeks. 
So recap : pc worked fine on same settings over 2 yrs, suddenly in game crashed screen, main screen looks as photos linked, tryouts written in wall of text. 

Thanks for any help possible, dont want to just go and buy new GPU/ w/e if its not the problem/necessary. What is most questionable to me is that the screens work fine in safe mode, without changes. Not sure if this problem is somehow connected to the steam etc loading for ages, wasnt succesful at finding that solution either.