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Sapphire pulse RX 6600 XT black screen driver instalation

Hi guys, looks like too many people is having issues with this type of graphic card, i bought mine last friday and i was excited, well installed the proper drivers and utility´s and everything ok, i played games aswell, but sudently every time i turn off or restart my PC i get an bug error from AMD software saying the video driver had a problem and it started graphic to run in safe mode, well i tried so many things, reinstalling using proper progrmas to do so an then every time i try to reinstall the drivers i get black screen forever  the PC still runs normally but no image even if i reboot pc the same thing happen over and over again,so i cleaned registry even format my whole PC and guess  what ? the same thing happened after installed the drivers again, latest version 28.1 the only one availabe actually, and now i can't use RX 6600 xt anymore like the first time, il do a refund but i hope AMD fix this asap for every1.

if some1 had some solution for it tell me plz

my specs are:

ASUS prime Z370-P

intel I7-8700 (8GEN)

16GB ram DDR (2400Mhz)

Corsair PSU 650W

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Oh, thanks for answer, i must have missed that message.

By the way would you guys recommend me to try to RMA my card? As i read here some people after that got brand new card, but from the other hand i asked some people on reddit and when they tried RMA then service didn't find any issue and send the card back without doing anything further.. If i try to RMA what exactly should i describe to them so they look carefully at my problem? Or should I just wait for new drivers?

Also what worries me the most is why my card was working first 7 days without ANY issue.. Honestly, I didnt even know that anyone could have problem with drivers or sth cuz it's my first AMD card, and at first it was working perfectly, and then out of the blue i got a problem and started googling about it and found many threads.. But really.. Why did it work for 7 days, on exactly same drivers, without any new windows update, without any hardware changes.. Im clueless.


I RMA'd mine detailing the black screen issue that occurs after booting up Windows or Linux, and that the only way to use the computer was to boot it in Safe Mode (I didn't know about the "trick" of booting up twice in a row at the time).

I also mentioned that whenever the GPU seemed to work at the first attempt, it was not running on AMD Drivers. I also told them about the multiple reports of the same issue that I found on the internet.


But they gave me a new unit from the exact same model, so the issue persists. 

At this point I'm just waiting for a driver update since it seems worth to keep the RX 6600 XT for the price that I paid (which has already increased).


I have the same problems with the 6600 xt Nitro +. at first everything worked. I think that this could also be due to the new chipset driver. we should wait for the new adrenaline driver.




How does the trick work about booting up twice in a row?


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Turn the computer on, wait for Windows to load and the screen to loose image, then you turn it off by pressing or holding the Power button, wait for it to shutdown, then quickly turn the PC on again.


From that on, it should remain working until you disconnect your PC from the power outlet. 




Thanks, I cant believe how many different things I have tried and that simple trick worked. Clearly a driver issue then I would think.


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This is curious.


I can boot up in Ubuntu or Zorin first boot, no problem. If I try to go Windows at first, I have the problem.

Second curious thing is if I boot Linux, normal, then reboot to windows, image shows up with no problems too!

Also, sometimes I turn on my computer and everything freezes before grup bootloader shows up, but it maybe can be another issue!


Still have the problem with my RX6600 XT. Tryed many things. Updated Bios to the latest version, updated chipset, audio and lan drivers. Disabled windows quickstart and last but not least installed windows completly fresh with the latest win 10 build and all updates. Only thing that work is the boot up twice trick like already mentioned.

Only thing i not tryed is to change my power unit from be quit 500W to be quit 750W but i think that will not help because when it would not deliver enough energy then it wouldnt work at the second boot and only difference would be the version of the connector version 2.4 vs 2.5x I hope AMD is aware of the problem but i see no official response to that problem.


yesterday I go to my friend house with my sapphire 6600xt. He has the same exact model with my sapphire and I try to install my GPU into his PC and amd software bug report tool pop up. After that I try to swap his GPU again back to his PC and everything works normal with amd driver 21.8.1. I think it's hardware problem so I RMA it back to my supplier. Hope thing will get well soon because I don't have spare GPU for gaming and that sucks...AMD where are you???


I've never had the bug tool pop up, and mine has be on since day 1.


Mine worked fine for a week and stopped working in precisely August 25th (the date of the new AMD driver). It's still working with no issues at all in a different machine (B450 motherboard, Ryzen CPU) so I still think it's something bad with drivers somehow.

Any possibility that your Linux installation is not using any drivers? The same happens to me if I start Linux in recovery mode. But since I'm using the amdgpu drivers packaged by the distro (Kubuntu 22.04), I have a black screen issue if I start with those drivers (normal mode), unless I play a game right away.


I have a similar issue with a RX 6600. Basically, I have Linux and I have to start glxgears right away, or some other program that requires acceleration, or else I'll get a black screen and the GPU won't recover after boot, unless I boot it on recovery mode, and then restart normally. So, I guess it is not a "defect" of my card, but a "feature" of the RX 6600 and RX 6600-XT. But the fact that the black screen issue persists until I restart on recovery mode (that means, no drivers), even if I power the computer off and let it sit for a day, tells me that something is wrong with this GPU. I've opened a discussion here, buy yet no reply.


Nope, it's been tried, same problem. It's a driver issue, so it will be fixed.

Adept II

Hi! I just registered to reply to this thread - I'm having the same issue with my Sapphire Pulse RX 6600XT.

The most frustrating part is that this driver crash can happen to me after I boot into Windows. (So basically, I cannot remedy this problem by turning off sleep mode.) My PC boots up fine, but if the monitor goes into sleep mode even for just a fraction of a second between the boot logo and the windows login screen, this crash has a high chance of happening. And sometimes, even a power off power on (not restarting) doesn't help - I need to shut down and turn on my PC multiple times to get the driver working again.

I borrowed my friend's 1080p144hz monitor to see if the problem persisted. For a couple of days, everything worked flawlessly (proper screen display after sleep, no driver crashes, etc.), but tonight, this borrowed monitor went to sleep mode for 2 seconds before the windows login screen, and the driver crashed again. (Also, when this happens, there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the GPU in the device manager.)

I do think it has to do with how the driver handles the sleep mode of different monitors but I'm no expert.

So yeah, super frustrating, and in normal times, I would also think about refunding the card. Heck, my RX 560 doesn't do this is in my other system! (And heck, it's not like playing some Quake would damage my new RX6600XT.)


Yeah, same here. I solved this by booting first on Linux. If I have to return to windows, no problems after I boot into Linux, so now my main OS is LINUX. I won't boot up Linux just to get back to windows, doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, my concern is all of this is not a driver problem but a GPU/chip problem. This is hard times to refund, unfortunatelly not an option!


I'm also hoping that it's not a chip issue.

There are additional two workarounds that might help someone:

1. I read somewhere that someone had a similar issue with a 2070S using 144hz with Displayport. His fix (or rather, workaround) was the following: every time he turned his computer on, he always made sure to turn on his monitor after the computer was turned on.

2. Try using an HDMI instead of the Displayport. 


I have the same problem.
I am thankful for finding this thread. After spending endless hours trying to solve the problem, the double booting helped. 

What is AMDs official statement regarding this issue?
Did they confirm it's a driver problem?
Is it a hardware problem?

I have never spent more money for a graphic card before and now I'm stranded with this mess.
Could someone from AMD please let us know what's the current state of fixing this issue?

My Rig:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Mainboard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE
Display: AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, Sapphire Nitro+
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit (Build 19043)

Community Manager

Thanks for all the posts, we are looking at this issue.

i have the exact same problem as the original post. reinstalled windows,  tried 21.8.2 and 21.8.1 drivers, cleared registry and tried other solutions people suggest. my screen goes black in the middle of the driver installation and it keeps turn itself on and off.

just for once, i managed to install the driver. than i turned my system off and couple of seconds later turned it on, amd software showed a crash report that says display driver will run at safe mod.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 TRAY 3.6/4.2GHz
Patriot Viper 2x8 GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 PVS48G320C6
Sapphire RX 6600XT Pulse 8GB GDDR6 128Bit 11309-03-20G
Gigabyte B450M-S2H V2 2133MHz 3600Mhz(O.C.) Soket Am4 mAtx
Sharkoon SHP650V2 650W 80+ 12cm Fan Power Supply
Kingston SSD NVMe 500GB 2200-2000MB/s SA2000M8/500 PCIe -M2 -3.0- -3D NAND

Adept I

black screen Issue happening only for Sapphire pulse and nitro cards. not in other brands. 


I'm not sure the Reddit thread linked is the same problem. Those people seem to be reporting crashes and reboots. I don't think the issues people have been reporting here are anything beyond the screen going black. I'm pretty sure my machine is still running fine in the background, it's just that the screen has gone black.

Same thing happening with me, Tried every solution possible nothing works, and why why the hell i even troubleshoot anything since i know my Pc is fine , as with my OlD GPU nvidia was working great.

once i installed new GpU of sapphire, nothing is working, i have changed everything cables, even monitor to the new, all went into black screen.

i have sent my Sapphire Pulse RX 6600Xt to service center or RMA let’s see what they will say to this, since GPU is giving me display, but only display that’s it, Windows 10 is even not recognising 8GB dedicated memory inside.

Official reply from Sapphire i got :

“AMD are working on that , not only of our RX6600xT , but also others , next version of driver that launched in Sep will solve or improve the problem and thanks for the reminding.”


Guys, my tip is:

Unless u are using mainly for gaming, stick with Linux. I don't have this problems on Ubuntu even with official AMD Drivers, so maybe it can be useful til AMD solve the  problem! 


Curiosity for u all. Since days ago when I sticked with linux for first boot, I had no problems returning to windows. Today I tried first boot in windows worked. Idk what the hell is all of this, but the card is working first boot in windows again.

Intermitent boring stuff !


That's the thing. Sometimes, it seems like something fixes it (like your linux booting, or me trying to turn on my PC first and my monitor later or me trying to do a "driver only" install) but after a couple of boots/days, the problem returns.


Of course, that is only my experience!


Yeah man, it does make sense. Now I remember the first 2 or 3 days after I sold my RTX 2070 and bought my 6600XT, it worked flawlessly. That is the reason I thought I broken the system through a update or something like that!


I just found there are new drivers released at AMD.

Adrenalin 21.9.1 Optional and Adrenalin 21.8.2 Recommended (WHQL).

Although there isn't any bug fixed related with RX6600XT, but I think they worth to try.

there is also a new chipset driver. does anyone know if the problems are still there? otherwise I won't put my RX 6600 xt back in at all after work.


Adrenalin 21.9.1 Optional was broken for me, the Radeon software wouldn't load, driver didn't fix the flickering anyway. I then cleaned it out using the official AMD cleanup tool. Rebooted, installed Adrenalin 21.8.2... it seems to have fixed the problem


Hard to say, I am not facing the problem for 1 week so I will update both chipset and video driver and hope to never see that problem again.


Sad story, nothing mentioned in the driver release notes so I dont think AMD has fixed it anyway! 


I only got my card with 9.x drivers and it was a problem from day 1. I had heard on other forums that WHQL was good, but couldn't find it- it's certainly working now


That sounds good. I'll give it a try.


Well, we got new drivers... but I have the same issues. Thanks for nothing.


Mine has been stable all day


WHQL for 6600XT? Which version? I think 21.8.1 and 21.8.2 are both non-WHQL


What does WHQL and non-WHQL stands for?


WHQL = Microsoft tested and approved it for rollout.