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Journeyman III

Sapphire Pulse Radeon 570 8GB No Bios Post in Gaming Mode Switch but posts in Bios Compute Switch

Can't figure out why my GPU won't post to BIOS when change switch to Gaming default mode.  Only posts in Bios Compute Mode.  In latter mode can uninstall all drivers etc and reinstall and have setup as recommended.  Even pulled CMOS battery before switched to reset machine BIOS. Only thing comes to mind is that my BIOS (no more updates) and PC CPU maybe too old.  

Of course prefer to run in Gaming Mode as can overclock and get better performance for more demanding work (video, photo editing) and gaming.

I have attached an ms32 info file of my system info if someone can help with this, at least to narrow down cause or what can be done.  

Hope not my card - is it possible can be faulty in just one mode?

Also has anyone else had this particular issue?  On google search people have post issues but no mention of one mode over other.

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Adept I

According to your msinfo there is only  Available Physical Memory 7.12 GB.

The motherboard bios

states their is only one pcie 16 lane, is anything else in the other pcie 1x slots?

How are the bios set to boot devices , cms or uefi ?


Hi thanks for trying to help me. Yes I have 16GB Ram total, 2x8 GB Kingston sticks. Ram is new and tested long time with memtextx86 passmark -no issues.

Yes 1x16 lane where have the card and powered by molex cable 8-pin, seems only the 1 direct to 500W psu.

Have 3 1x pcie slots, 1 used only by usb 3 addon card, one free and other covered by this big gpu.

Bios can boot legacy mbr or uefi, all large drives are gpt and uefi booting.