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Re: Sapphire Nitro Rx480 4GB overheating to 89-90 and poor performance in all games?

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Adrenaline drivers are fine with what I run  & how I am doing it with mine just idling away. I set my frequencys on Auto just with some extra volts & cooling to suit. Tho all RX series cards are locked back on volts I found all the rx series of users bumping voltage helps a lot. I find the frequency doesn't fluctuate much either under load with a few background tasks running in the background to. Try the 17.12.1 Drivers I found they were the drivers I went back to when I had issues & found still prety stable to use. Might find your chill will work better, I found chill settings with wattman profile be a good guide & test on those drivers. Give it a run for a few days leave it idling. Then do a few games testing try run withen game settings you like as a test. Adjust to suit keep an eye on your temps, if you experience the same issues might be a dud card RMA it with ASUS. They might just refund you with an updated model of equivalent card. Give it a test if you going to RMA it & its card at fault they usually give you the upto date spec of that same card which be a rx580.

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