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Adept I

SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 6800 XT | Crashing and Bat**bleep** Crazy story

Hi all,

This post is split in 2:
1. The problem description, what I've tried and where I need help
2. Bat**bleep** Crazy story on how i got screwed over


First on the problem and some background info:

It all started out well, when on February 6th 2021 I found that the Card was on stock on NewEgg.
Sure it was SGD 1500, but I thought it's a good upgrade to replace my aging GTX 1080.

It got delivered on February 16th and at first all seemed fine, I was happy with the card.
But I noticed that the card kept crashing in games (all games). The crashes are such that either the screen freezes for a few seconds and then the PC just starts up again (POST) or it does not freeze but just restart.

I've tried to solve this myself first using google, updating drivers etc.
I could not figure it out, so I decided after some time to open a ticket with Sapphire.
They gave me some instructions that may fix the problem. I followed all of them.

1. Reinstalled Win10 64-bit fresh | UEFI and GPT
2. Update the latest MB BIOS and then go to MB BIOS setting page to set the CSM as disable or UEFI mode.
3. Get the latest Windows updates
4. Install the latest drivers (Got all latest drivers including chipset, gpu etc.
5. Un-check " Turn on fast startup"
6. Ensure there is no overclocking int he BIOS ( XMP/DOCP is off)
7. Widen the allowed Power limit in the AMD software (i raised it to +15%)
8. Power the card with two separate cables

All of the above is done, but the card still crashes the same way as before.
The system RAM perfectly fine for months until I installed the new GPU.

If anyone has some idea or has a solution, PLEASE HELP!


My system:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Mainboard: ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX (AMD Ryzen Ready) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800)
PSU: PowerFlower 1000W





Bat**bleep** Crazy Story:

So, to the probably entertaining part, but really sad part of the story...
After I tried my best to fix the issue with the help of the support from Sapphire, they said I should contact my seller and they will handle the warranty case.

I then reached out to NewEgg and asked for either a refund or to handle the warranty.
They say that a refund is not possible, because I am a few days over the return period in the policy. While this is factually the case, I have to point out that this is only the case because i tried to consider all options to make this work and avoid a return.

Now to the crazy part: NewEgg refuses to handle the warranty as well.
They claim that there is no warranty at all, which sound a bit nuts considering I just spend 1500 bucks on a brand new card that seems to be faulty....

I contacted Sapphire again and they confirmed that the card is under warranty, but that NewEgg needs to facilitate the warranty case. So I contacted NewEgg again and confronted them with the latest update from Sapphire.
They still refuse, but hey, they offered me a refund of 21 Dollars (yes, no typo: 21 Dollars), so that i can bring it to a local repair shop. I would not even know where to bring this card for repair and even if i find someone, the repairs are probably higher than 21 Dollars. I bought a 1500 bucks GPU and not a bicycle that can be repaired anywhere...

So yes, current situation is: I spent 1500 bucks, there is nobody to take responsibility and help to solve to problem. All i got from NewEgg and Sapphire is "the finger" and "good luck"...

I can only recommend to stay as far away from NewEgg and Sapphire as possible.

If I do have an update, I will provide it. But looks like i got screwed.


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Adept I

I came across another post here bout the 6900XT crashing and I actually found a solution that worked for me.
So far since 6 days not a single crash!

Details are in this post:

Someone named "@Tazryder" explains there the issue with DCOM.

In short, I did have the DCOM errors in the log and I simply removed that flag in the windows settings as described by @Tazryder and it works wonders! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!!


Short update on my crazy story with NewEgg and Sapphire.
NewEgg did not even update my latest review. I did not even use foul language there, but it makes them obviously look quite bad. I can only recommend to stay away from NewEgg.

Sapphire on the other hand has come though and said although the retailer should handle the warranty, they are willing to help me out and I can handle this warranty case with them directly.

I will update them too how this issue (at least for me) could be resolved, so that they may help out others with the same problem too.

OMG... Spoke too soon... Crashed exactly the same way as before just now, but still 6 days no incident is an improvement...


..aaaand the crashes keep happening....

I will RMA the card tomorrow. Will keep you posted once there is a final conclusion.


Yes, I occasionally get a crash, but no way as near what I used to get. However now it only happens if I push my card to extreme limits. Like....crypto mining.


As soon as the global microchip shortage ends, I'm buying an NVIDIA and NEVER EVER EVER buying AMD Card again. I will say I do own an Asrock Board. I've noticed a lot of people experiencing this reboot thing is using an ASRock board.


As I get no errors when I use the basic display driver that comes with Windows, however, if I use this my games look a bit odd around the edges and since it interferes with DCOM. The drivers must be requesting certain system services and not having the required permission, which is just poor "codesmanship" from a major company like AMD.


But yes it is a lot less strenuous and I get way less data corruption, I'm a developer, so it's tedious to be coding and then having my display just randomly go blank. :'( I've lost sooooo many lines of code.




Unfortunately, Sapphire's Warranty goes though the Retailer/Vendor and not directly through Sapphire.

Newegg has complete authorization to decide how to use Sapphire's Warranty. Whether to repair, replace or refund the Customer.

Sounds like Newegg has to do something directly concerning the Sapphire Warranty instead of sending you $21.00 to have you repair the GPU card if applicable.

$21.00 wouldn't even cover shipping cost to the Sapphire Repair Center.

I would try to contact Newegg Supervisor and request someone higher than Supervisor at Newegg to help you with Sapphire's Warranty.

If they refuse I would put in a complaint with US Consumer Agency against Newegg and also the BBB where Newegg is located.

Most GPU cards have a three year Warranty so unless your GPU card is older than 3 years Newegg/Sapphire must honor your Warranty Request.

Check Neweggs Terms & Conditions concerning Returns and Warranty and see if there is anything there that has disqualified you from Sapphire/Newegg Warranty on your GPU card.

EDIT: According to Newegg you have a 2 year Warranty of the GPU card:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png