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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 5700G Black screen during gaming

Hello, so i just bought Ryzen 7 5700G with the ASRock X300 Jupiter mainboard

The issues i have so far are, my monitor would lose the output from the Processor whenever i am in the middle of a gaming session ( roughly 10-15 minutes ) and there is nothing i can do to bring back the display other than a hard reset.

The problem is, the monitor will go blank only when i am gaming and when the fan starts to make a loud noise..

My guess is, it's overheating and the GPU just kills the output. but what i want to ask, is this a common thing? does Ryzen processor will kill the graphics output when it's overheating? is this a common issue?

and last question is, what are the solution to this? since i am using a very small case ( the ASRock Jupiter X300, and i cannot mount anymore fan? )

thanks in advance!

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Adept I

i don't think its bec of the heat bro i have the same problem since october last year and still didnt fix it i cant game with my friends bec of this bull**bleep**