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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 2400G no video after poweron - solved?

Just bought a ASRock Deskmini A300. It's a cute, very mini, but somewhat expandable PC, (unlike a NUC or other ultra tiny PCs). At present, I have the following;

  • Ryzen 5 2400G
  • 1 x 4GB SO-DIMM
  • 1 x 120GB NVME drive
  • DisplayPort to ViewSonic 24" 1080p monitor, (it has DisplayPort in, so no adapters required)

Anyway, had some irregular issues with video not starting at boot. Since it's Ethernet connected, I was able to login and verify it was up. A reboot seemed to fix the problem. Annoying.

It appears that if my monitor is powered off during boot, sometimes the video is disabled. But not always, as a test just now proved. My old desktop and laptop do not behave that way, so I was caught off guard.

So, anyone else have a similar issue?

As a test, I am getting a fit-headless, (using the HDMI port, as the DeskMini A300 has one of those too). It will fake a monitor in case I forget to power on my monitor. It appears some APUs, (including Mac Minis), will disable the graphics if there is no monitor plugged in at power on.

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