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Journeyman III

RYZEN 3400G integrated graphics: flickering black boxes, freezing, glitching, rebooting

I built a new system and I can’t get the graphics to work properly. I’ve tried installing Windows and Ubuntu multiple times but when I install the Radeon drivers, it starts glitching, flickering black squares, freezing (filling the screen with one color), and rebooting (sometimes). These problems show regardless of the activity the computer is displaying, but when in a graphic intensive task (like playing YouTube 4K), the cursor stutters and lags.

On Windows, I tried Adrenalin 19.7.2 (recommended version on AMD forum), 20.8.2 (latest,, 20.4.2 (recommended WHQL,, 19.10.16 (bundled with chipset driver,, and whatever version Windows Update installed. On Ubuntu 20.04 (5.4.0 kernel), both the drivers from and the optional proprietary drivers from the Ubuntu installer. I got the same problems in all these instances.

When using Windows’ basic display drivers (during the first boot, before the proprietary drivers kick in) and Ubuntu’s out-of-the-box display drivers everything works fine (within those drivers’ constraints).

I don’t know what’s causing these issues, but I don’t think its the driver selection because I tried basically every version. The BIOS is on its default settings because I don’t know much about tweaking it (except for the loaded XMP for the RAM). All components are new except for the motherboard which I got from Amazon Warehouse “Used - Like new” and the NVMe I’ve been using for 2 years now. I tried different displays (all over HDMI because I don’t have DisplayPort cables or monitors).

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Journeyman III

Re: RYZEN 3400G integrated graphics: flickering black boxes, freezing, glitching, rebooting

Hi there, a slightly late reply, but maybe my forum post concerning the black screens on the 3400g can help you:

Please let me know, as I have the same configuration and it worked for me! (only under heavy cpu loads the screen flickers sometimes. But under normal circumstances no issues happen anymore).