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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3 2200g only works on vga resolution

Hello, I have a lot of problems win my mobo and processor.

this is my hard:

asrock ab350 fatal1ty itx

ryzen 3 2200G (integrated vega 8 graphics)

8 gb. gskill 3000mhz

ssd samsung 870

be quiet! pure power 10 400W

and 3 fan plus fan processor

My monitor is an ASUS PA238Q connected via HDMI win a 2m, cable 2.0

My bios is in 4.7, I install last divres (18.8.1)

With integrated graphics my pc only works at 640x480 and the amd soft recognize the conexion between pc and monitor like a dvi-e connection, I don't know how can i fix this problem.

At this moment I use an old nvidia gt430 wit 1gb running at 1080P (native resolution of my monitor)

Thanks in advance....

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Journeyman III

my solution, use an hdmi-vdi cable.... lost audio, buy gain 1080p

Journeyman III

I also have this problem with Dell SE2717H monitor. It would not accept HDMI signal from 2200G on Asrock B450 Pro4 in UEFI unless it is using VGA signal. My solution is to use VGA for UEFI and force to HDMI only in Windows 10, and let the monitor select auto input source. I'm lucky that this works because I only have 1 monitor. Had I use multi-monitor it would not fly.

Is AMD going to fix this? Others on the internet mention that HDMI on 2200G is outputing non standard refresh rate like 64Hz.