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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2400G - Green screen crash

have this budget Ryzen setup, and it occasionally gives me a green screen.

No text on the screen, just plain green.

Happens randomly, sometimes when I read some web page, sometimes when I start some application etc. Games I haven't even tested as I don't play games.

I have tried to reinstall drivers, no help.

My setup is:


Corsair 16 gb RAM (2 x 😎  - CMK16GX4M2A2666C16  (running at default 2133 now)

Seasonic 620W PSU, less than 3 months old

Ryzen 5 2400G

ssd + hdd

Win10 Pro 64bit

I have tried many things and frankly getting agitated. I also ran memtest to check the RAM, no errors. Can't afford getting another graphics card to test it with at the moment and don't know anyone who could loan me one.

Motherboard BIOS is the very latest.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Re: Ryzen 2400G - Green screen crash

have you thrown a support ticket at AMD about it. Might pay to do a support ticket. Are the graphics driver upto date to suit the vega Integrated APU which be a 17.7 driver old but only driver for the integrated solution atm.  Another idea which can be a hassle I hate doing but have had to resort to doing is a fresh 10 install on your SSD & see what happens. Wont be your PSU as you dont have a videocard to push your PSU, my suggestion & been a curse to me has been 10 atm, 1709 update with patchs has been really hit or miss horrible at best best at being horrible to new builds or a hit or miss affair. Another idea is wait for the next batch of Raven Ridge drivers AMD will be releasing for your APU in the comming months as AMD will be releasing the refresh Ryzen 2s very shortly so suspecting they be doing mass blocks of driver releases shortly.

Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 2400G - Green screen crash

I threw a support ticket at AMD, they replied saying it looks like a faulty APU. But it also can be a driver issue as some people seem to have it especially with certain games. (Although mine happens on normal desktop use).

I think I'll try to reinstall everything one of these days when I have the time, if that doesn't help I might try a different GFX card or wait for the next driver version. If it still won't go away, I will try to RMA it.

Just noticed that they released a new BIOS a couple of days ago. I will try that as well, and hope that I won't screw up anything while updating it


Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 2400G - Green screen crash

I think this is caused by the gfx driver. Didn't see it earlier, but now my screen went green (AGAIN) and I see this on my error log:

ATIeRecord 16387

It seems other people have also got this error code with gfx drivers, no idea if they also get the green screen.

Any ideas?   I might try to get a separate gfx card but that kind of defeats the purpose of me getting Ryzen 2400G in the first place, so I wouldn't need to spend more money for the gfx card !