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RX6800 overheating while watching media on passive mode


Rx6800 is my first AMD gpu i have ever owned. Earlier, I was using rtx2060super. I have noticed quite a weird behaviour with this card.

Compared to my previous gpu, when it was on passive fan mode, it was reaching 40-45°C while normal usage, watching yt, browsing web. When I'm using passive cooling on RX temperatures spike to 60-65°C just before fan kicks in. I have noticed that memory frequency is 100% of it's limit (fast timing, 2050mhz). Even with everything stock it's the same - while watching yt, temperature is completely out of scale. And compared to my previous card I remember it was around 600-700mhz on memory and beside gaming, fans were completely turned off all the time. With rx, fans are turning once in a while to cool down that gpu. 

I'm on adrenaline 20.12.1. My guess it's something related with drivers because I can't believe that AMD could miss something like that while implementing passive cooling mode to it's reference card. 


Tomahawk max B450, Ryzen 5 3600, Gskill trident z.

Windows 10, all the time updated to latest




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Bump, anyone noticed anything similar with their gpus ? 



Wow. It is really useless to write here anything. AMD made this community to give false feeling of carrying about customers


Typical temps while WATCHING VIDEOTypical temps while WATCHING VIDEO


It's a little quiet on here ATM.. it's mostly just other AMD users helping other AMD users..

I don't have that card, mine is a mediocre RX570 but I find it runs more consistent with Zero Fan disabled.. & as a bonus it helps keep my Samsung 970 M.2 slightly cooler in the process.

What are you ambient temps like? And also what are your idle CPU, MB etc. temps running while Youtube'ing etc...? 

** Is definitely a little quieter than usual on here than usual. Hopefully someone with the same / more similar card might be able to offer info...



Thank you for reply !

I just got used to it with my previous cards and also just for pure visual aspect - it looks better with fans off. I know that it's very minor thing.  I'm not sure about ambient temps but it's not high. Case has 2 fans top, 2+1 fans front (aio + bottom) and one on the back, so air flow is really good. CPU temps are around 30-34 while normal browsing, 41 while gaming. MB shows 32 in desktop use and around 35 while gaming. I'm quite literate with hardware and stuff around it, yet after days trying to fix that issue, I just give up. I was trying to test different power plans, enabling power saving options in media nad pcie, everything just proves there is problem with gpu memory utilization as it goes full 100% power wile just watching videos. Outside media I have noticed normal gpu usage and it's not overheating. 


I know what you mean - same issue here. Radeon RX6800.

Temperatures goes to

75 C GPU, 95 C hot spot - while gaming.

50 C GPU, 61 C hot spot - typing this post.

This is way too much for idle and there should be built in protection lowering clocks if temperatures are too high, before it crashes.


With Afterburner, I have noticed, that this gpu has only 2 Pstates. 0 and 1. So that means it's not implemented to work in ECO mode.