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Journeyman III

RX6500XT GPU Scalling Problem


I've been trying to play CS:GO using a low resolution but there's a problem with GPU Scalling.

So, whenever i open up the game there are some random colors and outlines around things(In console it is around texts, in-game it is around the crosshair) and i've noticed that if i use Display Scalling the random colors and outlines dissapear but there's another problem, 'Custom Colors' doesn't work, they don't change anything unless i use GPU Scalling.

I've read on the internet that this problem happens for most new GPUs (RX 6000 Series/RTX).

How can i make 'Custom Colors' work with Display Scalling or even better how can i make GPU Scalling work without having outlines and stuff like that in-game when i use a low resolution?

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